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Introducing the Wistia-Intercom Integration

Introducing the Wistia-Intercom Integration


We’re so excited to announce our brand new integration with Intercom, launching today! With this seamless integration of video and chat, you’ll be able to make better decisions about how to communicate with your customers and prospects, in addition to gaining valuable insights into what’s important to them.

Understanding customers’ and prospects’ needs has more implications than just making a sale—it’s about making a connection. With the Wistia-Intercom integration, you can see which topics matter to your audience, allowing you to quickly understand their pain points and give them the relevant information they need. And because you’ll be able to see which video a viewer converted on, you can use that data to make better decisions.

What this means for Wistia and Intercom users

Thanks to the Wistia-Intercom integration, viewers can share their contact information with you using Turnstile. When they do, you’ll see them show up as leads right within your Intercom account. Their info will then automatically be tagged with “Wistia” and the name of the video they converted on, giving your sales and marketing teams the ability to see which videos were most helpful and successful.