Destination of Your Imagination

We combine passion, creativity and experience to provide white label software/web application development services.

Destination of Your Imagination

Web Design & Development

UI/UX Design

Web applications over the time have become complex as our Industry’s technologies and methodologies advance. But one thing which is most important is design of the website irrespective of the backend code as website design is the first thing user comes through.Moreover not only design but user feel and experience also matters as it drives user whether to use website or not.

Therefore there are two things:
-UI Design
user interface is the window through which the user views a website or an application.
-UX Design
User experience is how a user feels while interacting with a website or web application.

We at Iniz Solutions take care of both interface and user experience while making frontend of web applications to achieve overall success.

Custom Web Design

A website first impression for an end user is its design.Building designs according to strict client requirements is what we specialise at. Making custom designs requires turning client's vision into reality using creative mind and technologies like Photoshop,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Ajax.

Design features:
 - Unique tailored designs
 - Eye appealing design and professional layout
 - Appropriate colour mixture and usage
 - Consistent overall layout
 - Easy and Interactive User Interface

 - Designing and Theming according to W3C Standards
 - XHTML 4.01 Validated
 - All Browsers Compatible(IE 7 and above)
 - Fully Responsive

Responsive Web Design/Development

Also, with advent of Mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets) in the past decade and their increasing use; businesses need website that work across all the platforms with the same user feel. To achieve this, Responsive designing is used. We here at Iniz Solutions have been working responsive for the last 2 years and have

We have options to:
 - Responsive design from Scratch
 - Redesign websites to be responsive one

 - Compatibility against standard devices
 - Faster and smoother user experience
 - One site for every device

Custom Web Development

We have been in Web development field from the past many years and have gained much experience and expertise to deliver first class web 2.0 applications for individuals,businesses whether small or large. Custom development evolves form the client specific needs which is somewhat unique in itself and any application cannot fulfil it completely. Here at Iniz Solutions we provide custom development using PHP,MySql,Javascript and Jquery although we can use open source frameworks and CMS.

 - Development using open source technologies
 - White labled development

Application Development

Web application development is a term covering a wide range of services according to end business needs. We at Iniz solutions provides custom application development using PHP,Mysql,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Ajax. Our team of experienced PHP professionals catch up with the client and deliver applications that best suit the client's requirements, budget, schedule delivering a quality application in predefined time frame.

 - Ecommerce applications
 - Social networking applications
 - Project management applications
 - CMS applications
 - Educational applications
 - Online Forums and more

Product Development

Coming Soon...


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Very pleased with his work and will definitely use his services again for future projects!

Jason Murphy

This company is amazing. I cannot recommend a better web design agency

Elaine Millward

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